About scouting in Sweden

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden prepare young people for live through adventure and challenges that make us grow as individuals. We use the scout method and have been active in Sweden for more than 100 years.

If you arrive in Sweden today wearing a Scout uniform you will be recognized without a doubt.

The Scout movement is known and respected throughout the country and can be found in about 1000 places, in the cities as well as in the countryside.

A prominent feature of Swedish Scouting is the long tradition of boys and girls working together. As early as 1960 the Boy Scout Association and the Girl Guide Association were united in one organisation. The terms Boy Scout and Girl Guide are no longer in use. In Swedish, both girls and boys are called “Scouts” (the same word as in English).

The Motto in Swedish is: “Var Redo! Alltid Redo!” (“Be prepared! Always prepared!”)

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