Diversity Network for Guiding and Scouting

The Overture Network encourages Guide and Scout associations in the Europe to open up the associations for young people originating from ethnic and other minority groups, as well as to encourage guiding and scouting for youth with disabilities. The participation of children and youths with different backgrounds is based on the principle that Guiding and Scouting is open to all people.

The Network is open to all European Scout and Guide associations recognized by WOSM or WAGGGS. The Network wants to bring together the views and practices of those who are working in the field – leaders of branches or groups, as well as members of paid staff – that are able to give witness of their daily experience, but also those responsible on the national or regional level that can promote and multiply certain pedagogical or strategic policies.
The Network is voluntary and members of the network are not officially representing their associations. The networks activities are based on its member’s needs and wishes, input of each member is very important. The network is guided by a steering group consisting of members of the network, who is in charge of the preparation of meeting with the hosting association.The Overture-network works in close cooperation with Europe Region of WAGGGS and WOSM.
The network has two annual long weekend meetings (Friday after lunch – Sunday after lunch). Every meeting includes a specific theme dealing with an aspect of intercultural work, disability issues workshops, case studies; and exchange of experience in practical work. The meetings are hosted by associations being part of the network.
Since the network is working for it’s members, both the members and the organisations of the members can benefit from the network. All activities of the network are developed by request of the members and therefore aim to constantly satisfy the current need of information, activities and leadership training within the overture issue. The level of benefit is up to the individual members and is depended on an active membership.
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