Gearing up for the ‘Stop the Violence’ event in Rwanda

From 6-11 May 2013, WAGGGS will be holding a ‘Stop the Violence’ Training event as part of the Fifth World Centre pilot project. The event will take place in Kigali, Rwanda and is organised and hosted in partnership with the Rwanda Girl Guides, who have a great deal of experience running projects dealing with violence against women and girls in Rwanda.

The event will welcome 43 participants from 28 countries around the world (two from Sweden) who will take part in this special and limited opportunity to participate in one of WAGGGS Fifth World Centre pilot project events.

Along with the opportunity to foster leadership and advocacy skills, participants will take part in a community visit and learn more about gender based violence through non-formal educational activities and through the experiences of the Guides Association of Rwanda during this week-long event. Both young women under 30 and women over 30 from Member Organizations in all Regions will work on bringing the Stop the Violence campaign back to their home countries.

Read all about the participants’ experiences here.

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