International Day of the Girl för första gången den 11 oktober

Som ett resultat av kampanjande från fram för allt WAGGGS, Plan Europa och The European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development har FN utnämnt den 11 oktober till ”International Day of the Girl” från och med 2012. I år är alltså första gången! Plan skriver:

”The majority of girls and young women around the world meet with discrimination, and often violence and exclusion. Girls and young women are less involved in social processes and less protected by social and political systems than their male counterparts. The European Parliamentary Forum (EPF), Plan International and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), have therefore worked to harness the backing of over half of all MEPs for an International Day of the Girl. This day would stand alongside other major international days, such as World AIDS Day (1 December) and International Women’s Day (8 March), as a moment where advocates for the rights of girls can draw the world’s attention to their vital cause.”

För att uppmärksamma och fira dagen har WAGGGS startat kampanjen “The world we want for girls”. En del material och metoder finns, annat är på väg, delta gärna!
– The World We Want for Girls collaborative blog – create a drawing, photo, video or piece of text to show what is important in the world you want for girls, and submit it to the blog.
– Information flier – get an overview of what International Day of the Girl is all about.
– Commitment form – we are asking decision makers to make a commitment on International Day of the Girl to do something that will make the world better for girls. Use this form to collect commitments from your own local decision makers, or prominent figures in your community.
Fact sheet – learn about the challenges girls face today, and the solutions that can make the world better for them.
– Activity sheet (coming soon 24 September) – take part in one of these fun International Day of the Girl activities with your Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting group.
– Video (coming soon 8 October) – a short film about International Day of the Girl.
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