International Day of the Girl

”Putting a Girl into lead”

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Idag firar vi International Day of the Girl! Såhär skriver WAGGGS på deras hemsida om dagen:

We are very excited to announce that today is the 2nd annual International Day of the Girl. The day falls on 11th October and was announced as the Day of the Girl by the UN in 2012. 
The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have many exciting things happening on this day.
The first thing we would like to announce is that our Voices against Violence curriculum, a unique non-formal co-educational initiative on violence against girls, has now been launched together with UN Women

We are also excited as today we can officially announce that we are partnering with Dove to create a brand new non-formal education programme that will promote body confidence and self-esteem. WAGGGS and Dove share a mission to help girls fulfil their potential. By bringing together WAGGGS’ non-formal education expertise and our ten million members, and Dove’s success at already reaching 11 million girls with self-esteem activities, our partnership could improve the body-confidence of a generation.

This year we took the theme ‘Putting a girl in the lead’ to inspire our member organisations and partners to empower a girl to take the lead in many different projects.
‘Girls’ leadership is a key to a sustainable future and a recipe for fairer societies. I am inviting you today to think about all the leadership opportunities we can offer to girls – invest in girls, empower girls, grow the potential of the whole Millennial generation of girls into a powerful force and a driver of change – I am inviting you today to Put the Girls in the Lead!’ – Nadine El Achy, World Board Chair.
WAGGGS will be recognising and joining in with the celebrations our member organisations are holding around the world. These include: 

Check out the IDG toolkit Other ways you can get involved
  • Follow us on twitter using #IDG2013, #voicesagainstviolence, #freebeingme
  • Send your messages to girls around the world at our Tumblr site
  • Add your actionst to our action log
  • Follow the UN Women twitter takeover on @un_women at 10:00 AM EST
  • Hold a celebration with those around you! 
All WAGGGS’ member organisations had the chance to nominate girls to be International Day of the Girl ambassadors. This year there are 20 ambassadors in total who will serve as spokespeople in different events to promote the day of the girl initiatives throughout the year.

Happy International day of the Girl!
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