Internationella gäster söker kontakt med scouter i Sverige!

Stockholm: Fyra utmanare/rovers letar kontakter under besöket som är mellan 1-10 augusti

Myself and three others are travelling to Stockholm in order to complete our Explorer Belt between Friday 1st August and Sunday 10th August. I am checking to see whether it would be possible to meet up with a local scout group over the 10 days as it would be great getting to know some Swedish scouts.

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Stockholm: En scoutgrupp i åldrarna 14-40 år från Tyskland söker kontakt och boende 29-30 augusti

We are a German scout group (12 people from 14-40 years of age), and we are currently planning our trip to Sweden in August 2014. After hiking in the area around Östersund, we will spend a day in Stockholm. For this day we need accommodation in Stockholm, the night from the 29thto the 30th of August. We would be very happy if anyone could help us, we just need a floor to sleep on as we will have our sleeping bags and mattresses with us.

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Nyköping, Näverkvarn, Oxelosund och Arno: Fyra scouter i utmanarålder från Wales söker kontakter i dessa områden 11-24 augusti

I am an Explorer Scout based in a small village in South West Wales , UK who with others in our District Troop will be visiting Sweden from the 11th til 24th August 2014. We are taking part in an Explorer Belt expedition and will be hiking in the region around Nykoping, Naverkvarn, Oxelosund and Arno.
Our group, total 4 in number and our main challenge is to find out about family life in Sweden and compare it with ours in Wales. We are keen to understand more about the age children go to school and the education system, what interests and hobbies children and young people have and get involved in, what sporting activities they do and how families live and holiday.
We would be very interested in meeting up with any local scout troops in the area.

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Malmö: Scoutgrupp i åldern 11-17 och ledare från Tyskland söker kontakter under besöket som är mellan 25-29 augusti.

My name is Vera and I am leader of a scoutgroup from Bavaria in southern Germany. In August we will sail with 36 people from Kiel arround the Danish island Zealand and we will also come to Malmö for one afternoon/evening because we will stay in the harbour for one night. Unfortunately I don´t know the exact date because it depends on the weather and the wind how fast we will sail. It will be one day between the 25th and the 29th of August. Because I have really good experience with meeting swedish scouts I want to give the younger ones the same chance of meeting scouts from somewhere else. Our group consists of 16 leaders at the age of 19-38 and 20 children at the age of 11-17. All of us would love to have a nice afternoon/evening with some swedish scouts. Maybe at a campfire roasting some marshmallows, playing some games, singing some songs and just enjoy the adventure of scouting.

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Malmö: Scoutgrupp från Tyskland letar efter kontakt och boende 13-15 augusti

My name is Lutz and I am a scout from Germany. We are currently travelling with a group of 28 persons across Sweden. We travel in a little groups and at the end of our trip we would like to stay for some days in Malmö. We are looking for a place where we can built up our tents or even sleep inside at a scout groups place. We are looking for somewhere to stay from the 13-15th of August.
If you are intrested we can also spend some time together?

Kontakta Lutz Leimpeters på

Malmö: Roverscouter från Tyskland letar kontakt och boende 17-18 augusti.

In 2011 I was a part of the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. This experience was really impressive and since then I have planed to come back to Sweden.
This year I was able to engage our locale group of rover (aged from 16 to 19 years) in Freiburg (Germany) with enthusiasm to travel to the very north of Sweden.
We are going to make a hike at the Kungsleden over three weeks.

We travel by train. So we are looking for somewhere to stay in Malmö from 17-18 of August. We would be very happy if we could meet up with some scouts in Malmö. At the same time we are searching for a place to sleep. We arrive in Malmö at 23:11 o’clock. In the next morning we have to take the train to Stockholm at 11:11 o’clock.

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