Joint International Value Based Leadership Course in the Baltic Region

It was a chance of a lifetime and I’m glad I was accepted to be a participant and as well I’m glad that I took the course. Just understanding values and their affect on my everyday life gave me so much more than I expected.

I had heard before that the course was great and the course hasn’t disappointed me at all. It has been a mix of really interesting issues and I feel like I have grown as a person.

Does this sound interesting? Keep reading…
Don´t miss out on the chance to participate in something out of the ordinary. Value Based Leadership is a unique training program in that it combines expertise and experience from non-governmental organizations and the business world. The course consists of several parts; four long weekends (Friday morning through Sunday afternoon), a mentorship relation with a mentor from the private or public sector as well as individual and group assignments in between the different module weekends.

As a participant on the course you will learn about theories, models and abstract concepts related to leadership. However, the main purpose is not learning about models; it’s learning about yourself and your role in groups and as a leader. The course methods consist of workshops, discussions, structured experiences and reflection, both individually and in groups.

Is this you?
  • You are 20 – 25 years old.
  • You have at least two years of local or national leadership experience from your organization.
  • You have a leadership position today in which you can apply what you learn on the course.
  • You have some kind of previous basic leadership training.
  • You have a strong interest in taking on future leadership roles.
  • Your proficiency of English is good enough to have a discussion on a leadership related topic.
  • You can’t check all of the boxes above but still think you would make a pretty good participant.

The structure of the course modules is like this:

Leading groups. We begin with a weekend focused on groups and group processes. What happens in a group? How do we get at group to work towards the same goal? What can you think of as a leader? We discuss and practice communication and conflict management.

Leading for diversity. Diversity is a complex concept with many different aspects. We twist and turn it focusing on the leader’s responsibility to make everyone feel welcome. We study suppression techniques and counter-strategies, anti-discrimination, norms, and how to deal with prejudice.

Self leadership. In order to lead others you need to be able to lead yourself, with self-awareness and self-esteem. Through self-assessment model you practice understanding your role and others’ reactions to you as a leader. You work with feedback and personal challenges. It can be difficult, but it is very rewarding!

Leading with profit and values. Together with a company, we discuss challenges in leadership. What differences and similarities do we see in volunteer and professional leadership? How can one live ones values while making profit in the company? Entrepreneurship and how to live your visions concludes and summarizes this module.

Course 3 2013, Baltic Sea Region, is a cooperation between The Guides and Scouts of Sweden, the Leadership Training Fund under the auspices of the European Scout Foundation.

Module 1: Aug 30th, at 9.30 – Sep 1st, at 15.00 (3 days)
Module 2: Oct 18th, at 9.30 – Oct 20th, at 15.00 (3 days)
Module 3: Dec 5th, at 9.30 – Dec 8th, at 15.00 (3 days)
Module 4: Jan 23rd, at 11.00 – Jan 26th, at 15.00 (4 days) in cooperation with a company.

The application for the course 3, Baltic Sea Region is now open, with deadline June 9th. Fill in the application form here.

For more information, please visit the web page of Scouternas Folkhögskola.
Questions? Contact the project managers Alexandra Berg+46766232533 or Cina Staron, 08-555 065 83.

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