Juliette Low – din chans till en högkvalificierad internationell ledarutbildning som ung ledare

WAGGGS anordnar nu åter en Juliette Low-utbildning för unga kvinnliga ledare (20-30 år gamla). Denna gång är utbildning på världcentret Sangam i Indien mellan 8-15 februari 2015. Sverige får skicka en deltagare.

Du står själv för kostnaden men Scouternas internationella grupp stöttar dig med tips på olika fonder och hur du skriver en bra ansökan.

Hör gärna av dig om du har frågor kring vad Juliette Low-utbildningen är. Nedan kan du läsa lite mer och kolla också in länken med berättelser från tidigare utbildningar.

The Juliette Low Seminar (JLS)

is the WAGGGS’ flagship leadership development programme for young women that has been running and growing since 1932. It provides wonderful opportunities for young women to develop their leadership skills in a creative and supportive environment. This is a great way to learn and share experiences with other young women in a cross cultural context. We know that many young women are looking for spaces where they can interact with peers from around the world, broaden horizons as well develop leadership skills which will prepare them for national and international responsibilities. The JLS is that space and it offers a week of personal development, challenge and fun. The JLS is one or our most popular seminars, so apply early before the event fills up.

Event Details 

  • The cost for this event is £380 GBP. This includes all meals, accommodation and programme. Please note this does not include travel to and from Sangam or the insurance and visa costs.
  • Din ansökan skall ha nått Scouterna international.secretary@scouterna.se senast 19 november för att vi skall kunna göra ett urval (Sverige får bara skicka en person) och anmäla i god tid. maila international.secretary@scouterna.se så skickar vi ansökningsformuläret.
  • Young women who have already attended a Juliette Low Seminar or WLDP event will not be considered.
  • Participants are expected to arrive by 8 February 2015. Seminar officially starts on 9 February 2015 and closes on 14 February. Departures are 15 February 2015.
  • Participants may stay at Sangam as independent guests before and after the event with a prior reservation for an additional fee, – contact Sangam directly to arrange. www.sangamworldcentre.org

Participant criteria 

Participants should:
  • Be 20 – 30 years old
  • Be actively involved in their Association
  • Be part of a decision making body or being prepared to take on leadership roles in their Association
  • Have leadership qualities and be able to work in a team
  • Be committed to personal development & continuous learning
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of their region
  • Have a mature and responsible attitude
  • Be able to understand and communicate well in English

För-event om du vill komma tidigare eller om du inte vill gå Juliette Low men ändå besöka Sangam:


Be the Change

To provide an even more diverse and rich learning environment for the participants, Sangam is hosting a Be the Change event from 3-7 February 2015. During this event, participants will:
  • Gain insight into the work that Sangam does in the local community
  • Develop an enhanced understanding of how leadership and Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting skills and experience can be applied in projects and community development
  • Gain practical experience in Community Leadership development projects
  • Allow participants to reflect on actions that can be taken back home
  • Experience life in Pune
  • Be inspired be the change they want to see in the world
Participants should arrive on 2 February and they will have one day to rest before the event starts. The event is GBP £300 per person and includes programme, all meals from dinner on 2 February to the start of JLS, and accommodation from 2pm on 2 February to the start of the JLS. To book in, please email guestservices@sangamworldcentre.org. Please note: no accommodation is available at Sangam before 1 February at 2pm.
Eller stanna efter Juliette Low och fira Thinking Day på Sangam:

World Thinking Day

After the JLS, join Sangam in celebrating World Thinking Day at your World Centre in India! For more information on this event, visit this website: http://www.sangamworldcentre.org/en/events/20808 and email guestservices@sangamworldcentre.org to book your place!
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