WAGGGS and WOSM Candidates for the Board of the European Youth Forum

”The General Assembly of the European Youth Forum is taking place in Maribor, Slovenia between 22-25 November 2012. It will once again be an opportunity to decide the strategic direction of the organization and elect a new Board.

The European Youth Forum brings together almost 100 International Youth Organizations and National Youth Councils, advocating for the needs of young people and youth organizations towards the international institutions at European and global level. Recognizing the importance of taking an active role in influencing youth policies to support the development of Guiding and Scouting in Europe, both the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region are active members of the European Youth Forum.

Both regions have nominated candidates for the Board of the European Youth Forum:

Jennifer McDermott (GirlguidingUK) is nominated by WAGGGS – Jennifer is a member of the WAGGGS External Representatives Group and at national level represents Girlguiding UK in the British National Youth Council.

Márcio Barcelos (Corpo Nacional de Escutas/Federacao Escutistas de Portugal) Is nominated by WOSM – Márcio is a member of the External Representatives Group at European level, and for the last two years, has been working as part of the Working Group of Non-Formal Education of the European Youth Forum, while at national level he is still an active member of the Corpo Nacional de Escutas.”

For more information, please visit Europak.
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