Welcome to join in on an International Virtual Forum, January 12th 2014

What? A meeting place online for Scouts and Guides from Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Sweden and other places around the world. Anyone can participate!

Why? A possibility to meet and talk to Scouts and Guides from different associations and countries over the Internet.

Where? Everywhere! At your Scout or Guide Office, an Internet café or at home.

When? Sunday, January 12th, 12:00-6:00 pm (GMT+1, Sweden), 1:00-7:00 pm (GMT+2, Great Lakes)

Who? Participate with your Scout or Guide patrol, group or unit, or your Peace Club. Of course you can also join in with your friends or by yourself.

How? More practical information will be posted shortly to the Facebook event and on www.amahoroamani.org.


Themes for the Virtual Forum

  • Change we want to see in our society / Le Changement que nous voulons voir dans notre société
  • Participation of youth in (ethnic) conflict resolution / La Participation des jeunes dans la transformation des conflits

Amahoro Amani

The Virtual Forum is a part of the Amahoro Amani Cooperation between Scouts and Guides in Sweden and the Great Lakes region. The cooperation is based on values of peace, dialogue and conflict resolution. Together we work in Scouting, Guiding and Peace Clubs with the method of Amahoro Amani.

”The Amahoro Amani method is a way of changing your society. It enables you to engage in your own community by making you recognise your own abilities to change and influence! The method originates from ideas on peace, community involvement and part taking and is based on the scout method.

The methodology focuses on mutual understanding and is fundamentally based on the notion that only when we understand our own prejudices and norms can we understand and solve conflicts”

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